Have to work more and more and also have to make others intent that more and more good contents can be made with more quality for children that children do not need to go to see contents that are not productive and they can be saved from seeing bad, useless & non productive stuffs

Abdul Bari Cartoon was started in 2008 keeping in view the need of the time when children everywhere compelled to see such things from where they do not get to learn any good things and in this era it become difficult to keep children away from gadgets as this become part of day to day life need. This cartoon was created after considering that children should be given something similar content, some alternative when there were only 1 or 2 cartoon animations available at that time which were based on Islamic teachings. But those cartoons weren't common, Money had to be paid to see them, then it was taken care that something should be produced and made common in the public which the children would like and children of every section should get benefit from it and as a result based on children's day to day life This cartoon series started with the characters of two siblings, and by the grace of Allah, this cartoon spread all over the world and children of all classes continued to take advantage of it, Since some animations were made in other languages ​​but nothing of this sort was available for children who know Urdu and Hindi, so this cartoon series was made in simple and easy language mixed in Urdu and Hindi so that children can understand it well in the manner they usually do in their day to day life and they can learn good things, duas, Hadith and Quran from these cartoon videos easily.

Since this is an individual work, it could not be made very well in terms of quality but still it has been the most watched Islamic cartoon series in the world and as a result of its making, the best and a big work has also happened today, that other big media production houses and individuals also got an idea from this and many people also started making cartoon series on similar concepts. And people will continue to make such cartoons in future also, so that the children of the community will get entertainment as well as good things and learn the way of Islam. Apart from the Abdul Bari cartoon, there were attempts to make many more cartoon series and work is going on to make new cartoon series even further.

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